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Saturday, November 18, 2006

My First....

Well, this is the first of "A thought and Some Words" and really I don't know why I'm trying to write anything because I really don't have anything to say right nOw....

Wait that's a lie. Sort of....

I am 25 yeaRs old (and I really keep saying 26- must be anxious) and I have not gone to college yet and maybe that's sad but it's true. It's amazing how one can get up in the mundane of life in what seems so easy of a matter of time. I hAve worked in a hospital for 6+ years and I have been a Unit Secretary the entire time there. I work closely with nurses and doctors who each have something to say about my lack of further education and my Lack of extending my so called intelligence. (Of course I find it funny that in the next bReath they'll complain when I'm not here and they get "upset" when I say I'm going to quit. But anyways....)

I have finally after 7 1/2 years decided to go back to school.

It's not fun. And I have not gotten past the searching, applying and all that jazz stage yet. Well, sOrt of....

I applied for FAFSA and I applied to Liberty University. I got accepted to LiBerty University. I told my parents. They messed up my plans. They asked if I considered any other scools and well.... I answered truthfully- "No".

So I decided to look at other schools and found 2 other schools I like. But oh the despair! The duplicity of the mindset is not to be underrated or ignored. It is not a good thing to be over complicated in your thought process, but even the Bible says (somewhere in Proverbs) that the simple perish. So wherE is the middle ground? Where do I find where I really want to go and where I'll get the education that will suit the path that has been laid before me?

The search of all 3 schools proved to give me a headache and probably a few grey hairs that have now chartered territory on my fledgling head of haiR. I liked a bit of each school but no school could give me the majority of what I want in an education, a future, a financial standing I can live with and accreditation all wrapped into one. Enter tonight and a lengthy phone call during a tiring day of work...

So around 7pm I'm starting to come down off the craziness of the workday I have endured since 9 this morning and prepare myself for the sprint to 11:25pm (really 11 since I have no real intention of staying those last 25 minutes) and my 3rd Trimester pregnant friend, Jenny, calls while she's waiting to board her flight from Phoenix to Baltimore (which in the 3rd trimester is such a no no but she's got a real good excuse). We start talking about odds and ends and I realize that she's a really good and unbiased sounding board for Sticky situations, so I go into this whole discUssion of my big life stresses regarding school.

So, Jenny decides that yes, accreditation of the school and what I want is very important and gives me some names of some other schools that may tailor to my Needs better than the other schools. All those schools did nothing for me. Then I realized that the only other school that I had seriously condsidered didn't have a distance learning program which is what I will be accessing in order to go back to school. So while I'm talking to "preggy in waiting" I decide to go on the website for that school just on a whim. Well, God is really lovin on me tonight cuz It turns out that since the last time I checked they implemented a distance learning program and one of the majors they offer is exactly what I want. Yeah, I may want to take a few extra classes in the future but that's what life long learning is all about.

So, I will be applying this week and doing all that jazz again and this time I have total peace that I am doing the right thing.

Thank you for letting me spout all this off to you. I guess I needed a Vent and this was a good place to do it....

If you have any good suggestions for me that would be nice. I am terrfied to go back to school . I feel stupid and I am so stinkin weary about finances. But that's what God is for and he told me not to fear because when I am in His will I can not go wRong.

AnywayS.... Tips, encouragement, secrets, etc are all welcome because I need to have thIs advice from the experienced. We have experiences not really for ourselves but because we are meant to help oThers with our life experience.

In closing have you yet figured out the name of the school I have decide on?

Love You All!

P.S. I guess I had a lot to saY!


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