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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Music I Love

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

I just reread my last blog and realized how many grammar and spelling mistakes I made that I didn't catch. Chalk it up to the "drugs"....

I just wanted to apologize for that. I can't stand when people make grammar and spelling mistakes and don't fix them or don't even know any better. I have high expectations... What can I say? :)

I want to thank all of you who read my blogs. I know that I am no Dawn Meehan but every little bit of support helps...

Of course if you wanted Dawn's blog and somehow, by some freak accident of nature, ended up at my blog then go to www.mom2my6pack.blogspot.com .

I am sure that Dawn will appreciate all your support. I love her blog. I certainly don't have 6 children like she does but somehow I still relate. She's just that good.

I hope you are all doing well.

Much peace and love....

I mean seriously! Dominos thought it was cute to charge some FIFTY TWO DOLLARS AND FORTY ONE CENTS for 3 large pizzas. What ever happened to the 5-5-5 or 7-7-7 deal? But first of all....
I call to make the order and there is an automated system to speak with... I mean speak to and it thought I said "salami" when I said peppers... That is, by the time I got to that point-- several minutes into the call.
How retarded is Dominos that they have a stupid machine for us to talk to now instead of a friggin human voice? Not that the human voice I spoke to (eventually) was much better. I finally got feed up with the automated piece of S*^! and screamed in the phone, " Can I just speak to a person?!" It certainly understood that.
So then what happened? (Is what you're thinking....)
I get this bimbo who apparently missed preschool and every subsequent class all so she could make my irritability hit the freakin roof!!!!!! I finally get her to understand my order and she tells me, "That will be 52 dollars and 41 cents." I thought for sure I had that wrong so I say (sort of cautiously), "Did you say 52 dollars and 41 cents?"
Not "Yes that's what I said," but this nervy chick says, " That will be 52 dollars and 41 cents." I got really irritated! (Bet you can't tell....) I was like, "Are you serious that 3 pizzas and some crappy cheesy bread cost 52 DOLLARS AND 41 CENTS?!" "Yes ma'am." "I'll call you back!"
And, I was going to; however, another call came through, and I let that person talk me out of it. I vaguely thought of driving to the place and cursing them out for even having the balls to-- 1. have a retarded automated system and then, 2. for having the bigger freakin kahunas to tell me that 3 freakin pizzas would cost me a Coach bag.
So, then my friend and I decide to go to this nice diner near my home.
Now let me first assert that yesterday I had 3 (yes that's what I said- 3!) teeth pulled out. Don't you feel bad for me?
So, I was still so irritated because of that big sweaty ballsy place called Dominos, and then, on top of it, we get Viktor, a Russian (or something like that) dude as a our waiter. (I don't have one thing against Russians. i like them in fact. I just want you to hear his voice like I did.)
From the moment we sat down he was on top of us like a horny dog on a post man's leg. First thing we do is ask him to switch our table and before we even rest our butts on the seat he's asking, "Do you vant an appetizer?"
We were a little shell shocked at this point because he didn't just ask the question once but like 6 times. I got a little fed up and said, "How about you just bring us some water for now? And then maybe we can order a drink and appetizer in a few minutes." Viktor- "Oh you vant a drink? What do you want? Do you both vant vater? Do you vant something else? Do you vant an appetizer?" My friend was nearly speechless. More like stuttering at this point and so I piped in with "How about just water and you give us a few minutes?" Viktor (again)- "You vant vater? You vant appetizer?" I'm thinking, "what's with this dude and the appetizers?" So eventually I "convinced" him to bring us water. And then we ordered an appetizer to get him away for a few.
I swear as soon as he did, he became just like most men after sex-- totally unavailable. He came back like 15 or 20 minutes later for our order.
Now mind you I'm "high" on vicoprofen (by the way that's a new drug for me and I like it:) and I'm already irritated from the pizza wench, so Viktor did absolute jack for me. My friend was looking at me in a little bit of terror thinking I finally lost it completely. I told her how sorry I was when I realized that I was coming off as the next bug name serial killer.
So Vik comes to take our order. My friend asks if they can do a dish of linguine with fried shrimp mixed in. He takes her to the appetizers page. (seriously- vat's... I mean what's with this guy and the appetizers?) He shows her "shrimp three ways," and apparently thinks that's shrimp in linguine. So she got fed up and turns back to the pasta page and points to the picture and says "I'll have that." He repeats it back to himself (under his breath), "Meditteranean Seafood Pasta." So she says, "What did you say?" "Oh I vas just saying it to myself so I can remember it."We lost a lot of confidence in Vicky at this point.
So finally I get my food (after the appetizers, because God forbid we didn't order an eat an appetizer). I ordered a Roasted Tomato and Mozzarella on Rosemary Focaccia. I'm having an interesting time eating it, but it was a little soggy so not to hard. Half way through I get this sharp thing scraping inside my mouth. Instant nausea for me, and because I apparently needed to have something else causing my mouth some pain right now.
So I called the manager over. The manager swears it was a piece of tomato vine or something. I was thinking "vat tomato vine has marrow in it?" A bone? But who am I but the wrong customer? Oh wait! I thought the customer was always right....
Thank God Viktor thought everything was all his fault (just like any good man...sorry guys-it's just so easy to pick on you this day of mine). He became so attentive (like a guy who knows his girl is about to find out he screwed her best friend).
He didn't charge me for my entree. He kept asking me how I was doing. Told me that I looked really sick (which I did because I can't stand the thought of little bones in my mouth). And didn't even charge for the french fries I eventually ordered. Vik showed out so I gave him a decent tip. He was nice in the end but probably breathed easy once I left.
The manager was really just no freakin help. (I know I'm reiterating and backing up in the story but it's my story and I can do whatever I want!) He took the "bone/vine" out of my hand (after it was out of my mouth....eeewwww!) and then comes back with it in his hand to tell me what he thinks it is. Never once did he apologize, offer any comfort or speak of compensation. Thank God for our "Do you vant an appetizer?" man.
I'm home now and couldn't be happier about that.
Well, thank you for chilling with me even though this was full of hot air. I'm a little "light" in the head between the penicillin and the vicoprofen (again I like that drug). I hope you learn something from my story. Even if it's just that you don't go out or talk to people when you are irritated... or even don't wake up when you're irritated.
Well I hope you have a great night or day (whenever you read this).
Peace and love always,KamiMari

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The upside of having kids who walk talk and fetch drinks

So, I have had a decent day. I was in bed until nearly 2pm. Marcelo called me to see if our plans to go to Lorraine's was still on. That removed all thoughts of cancelling and staying in bed. But of course I found the upside to the day a while after I got to Lorraine's. I met a bunch of new people and this one lady had her 12 year old son getting her stuff so she could stay with the adults and chat. Well, she was kind enough to include me in on this venture and I appreciate it. So... I go to get up and get a brownie and she grabs my arm and tells me to sit back down. "Camille, watch this. All we got to do is ask the kid and he'll get it for you." So, it's not as if I was going to argue. Three minutes later I enjoyed a good, chewy brownie. A few minutes later I went to get up for a refill on my drink and she sat me down again. She sends the kid again; however, this time she upped the ante. She askes him to get me and her a drink and another brownie. Poor kid didn't know what was coming to him.... After nearly ten minutes he hadn't come back and we wondered if he had started sampling the drinks or got sidetracked watching the college football action. Then my phone rings and as I walked into the house to find the quiet, the kid walks out the patio door with a cup hanging from his teeth, another cup in his right hand and brownies and something else balanced in his left hand. Poor kid. I took one drink from him and hopefully eased the burden. So I guess that's the upside of having kids. At least as they get older they can get stuff for you when you are too lazy to get up. ;o)
Well, I'm home now. (I know Captain Obvious speaking here....) Have a great night, day or whenever you're reading this...... ;o)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So, I had this great idea that I would post blogs all the time when I first started this blog and well if you have noticed the date of my last blog you will see that's really happened....

So how many of you have had this experience and how did you change it? And looking back, why did it take so much for you to get into the normal routine of blogging?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

My First....

Well, this is the first of "A thought and Some Words" and really I don't know why I'm trying to write anything because I really don't have anything to say right nOw....

Wait that's a lie. Sort of....

I am 25 yeaRs old (and I really keep saying 26- must be anxious) and I have not gone to college yet and maybe that's sad but it's true. It's amazing how one can get up in the mundane of life in what seems so easy of a matter of time. I hAve worked in a hospital for 6+ years and I have been a Unit Secretary the entire time there. I work closely with nurses and doctors who each have something to say about my lack of further education and my Lack of extending my so called intelligence. (Of course I find it funny that in the next bReath they'll complain when I'm not here and they get "upset" when I say I'm going to quit. But anyways....)

I have finally after 7 1/2 years decided to go back to school.

It's not fun. And I have not gotten past the searching, applying and all that jazz stage yet. Well, sOrt of....

I applied for FAFSA and I applied to Liberty University. I got accepted to LiBerty University. I told my parents. They messed up my plans. They asked if I considered any other scools and well.... I answered truthfully- "No".

So I decided to look at other schools and found 2 other schools I like. But oh the despair! The duplicity of the mindset is not to be underrated or ignored. It is not a good thing to be over complicated in your thought process, but even the Bible says (somewhere in Proverbs) that the simple perish. So wherE is the middle ground? Where do I find where I really want to go and where I'll get the education that will suit the path that has been laid before me?

The search of all 3 schools proved to give me a headache and probably a few grey hairs that have now chartered territory on my fledgling head of haiR. I liked a bit of each school but no school could give me the majority of what I want in an education, a future, a financial standing I can live with and accreditation all wrapped into one. Enter tonight and a lengthy phone call during a tiring day of work...

So around 7pm I'm starting to come down off the craziness of the workday I have endured since 9 this morning and prepare myself for the sprint to 11:25pm (really 11 since I have no real intention of staying those last 25 minutes) and my 3rd Trimester pregnant friend, Jenny, calls while she's waiting to board her flight from Phoenix to Baltimore (which in the 3rd trimester is such a no no but she's got a real good excuse). We start talking about odds and ends and I realize that she's a really good and unbiased sounding board for Sticky situations, so I go into this whole discUssion of my big life stresses regarding school.

So, Jenny decides that yes, accreditation of the school and what I want is very important and gives me some names of some other schools that may tailor to my Needs better than the other schools. All those schools did nothing for me. Then I realized that the only other school that I had seriously condsidered didn't have a distance learning program which is what I will be accessing in order to go back to school. So while I'm talking to "preggy in waiting" I decide to go on the website for that school just on a whim. Well, God is really lovin on me tonight cuz It turns out that since the last time I checked they implemented a distance learning program and one of the majors they offer is exactly what I want. Yeah, I may want to take a few extra classes in the future but that's what life long learning is all about.

So, I will be applying this week and doing all that jazz again and this time I have total peace that I am doing the right thing.

Thank you for letting me spout all this off to you. I guess I needed a Vent and this was a good place to do it....

If you have any good suggestions for me that would be nice. I am terrfied to go back to school . I feel stupid and I am so stinkin weary about finances. But that's what God is for and he told me not to fear because when I am in His will I can not go wRong.

AnywayS.... Tips, encouragement, secrets, etc are all welcome because I need to have thIs advice from the experienced. We have experiences not really for ourselves but because we are meant to help oThers with our life experience.

In closing have you yet figured out the name of the school I have decide on?

Love You All!

P.S. I guess I had a lot to saY!