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Saturday, September 01, 2007

The upside of having kids who walk talk and fetch drinks

So, I have had a decent day. I was in bed until nearly 2pm. Marcelo called me to see if our plans to go to Lorraine's was still on. That removed all thoughts of cancelling and staying in bed. But of course I found the upside to the day a while after I got to Lorraine's. I met a bunch of new people and this one lady had her 12 year old son getting her stuff so she could stay with the adults and chat. Well, she was kind enough to include me in on this venture and I appreciate it. So... I go to get up and get a brownie and she grabs my arm and tells me to sit back down. "Camille, watch this. All we got to do is ask the kid and he'll get it for you." So, it's not as if I was going to argue. Three minutes later I enjoyed a good, chewy brownie. A few minutes later I went to get up for a refill on my drink and she sat me down again. She sends the kid again; however, this time she upped the ante. She askes him to get me and her a drink and another brownie. Poor kid didn't know what was coming to him.... After nearly ten minutes he hadn't come back and we wondered if he had started sampling the drinks or got sidetracked watching the college football action. Then my phone rings and as I walked into the house to find the quiet, the kid walks out the patio door with a cup hanging from his teeth, another cup in his right hand and brownies and something else balanced in his left hand. Poor kid. I took one drink from him and hopefully eased the burden. So I guess that's the upside of having kids. At least as they get older they can get stuff for you when you are too lazy to get up. ;o)
Well, I'm home now. (I know Captain Obvious speaking here....) Have a great night, day or whenever you're reading this...... ;o)


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